When you buy a mattress, you assume it’s safe right? You assume that the mattress does not contain any harmful “ingredients” and that you aren’t sleeping on anything dangerous. But how can you be sure that your mattress is safe?

CertiPUR-US is a third-party certification for foam that can be used in mattresses. This certification helps shed light on why certification matters and why cheap beds without certifications are well… bad!

What Exactly is CertiPUR-US Certification?

Since foam is often used in bedding, furniture, and many every day objects we interact with, it’s important to understand it’s environmental impact on us. CertiPUR-US is a strict and rigorous third-party certification program that tests the safety and environmental impact of foam. Led by the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. (AFPF), CertiPUR-US has created standards for foam products, ensuring they are manufactured without harmful chemicals and substances. In order for a foam to be CertiPUR-US certified, it needs to meet ALL of their requirements.

You can read more about CertiPUR-US on their website and learn more about their standards!

How does CertiPUR-US test foam?

In order to maintain transparency, CertiPUR-US standards follow specific procedures to ensure a product is worthy of passing.

  •  Sample Collecting: Foam samples are collected from production lines or warehouses. These samples are selected randomly to ensure they represent the typical product quality.
  • Laboratory Testing: The collected foam samples are sent to independent, accredited laboratories that specialize in chemical and physical testing.
    This involves testing the foam for specific chemical content, ensuring that it does not contain harmful substances such as ozone depleters, heavy metals (like lead and mercury), formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Performance Testing: The foam is subjected to tests that simulate long-term use, including repeated compression and indentation tests. This assesses how well the foam maintains its properties and comfort over time. Tests for physical properties like density, hardness, and tensile strength are conducted to ensure the foam meets specific performance criteria.
  • Evaluation and Certification: The results from the laboratory tests are reviewed by the CertiPUR-US program’s technical advisory group, which consists of experts in foam chemistry and environmental sciences. If the foam passes all tests, the manufacturer is granted the CertiPUR-US certification for that product. The certification allows the manufacturer to use the CertiPUR-US logo and market their product as certified.

Read more on the testing guidelines for CertiPUR-US foam


Why Cheaper Mattresses May Lack CertiPUR-US Certification:

When shopping for a mattress, you may see a mattress advertised at an unusually low price. While everyone loves a good bargin, you may ask the question, “why is it so cheap?”

Cheaper mattresses often skimp on quality materials, including foam that fails to meet CertiPUR-US standards. And it’s no surprise why mattress manufacturers do this!


  • Short-Term Focus: Cheaper mattresses frequently prioritize short-term gains over long-term benefits. When you compromise on quality and certification, these manufacturers can offer a very low cost bed. In the long term, you end up paying through your safety, comfort, and durability in the long haul.
  • Cost Reduction: CertiPUR-US certification involves rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, which increase manufacturing costs. Cheaper mattress manufacturers may opt out of certification to maintain low prices, prioritizing profit over consumer safety and satisfaction.
  • Marketing Strategies: Some mattress companies may withhold information regarding the materials used in their products or offer misleading certifications. They may look like they’re eco friendly because they have a “green tree icon” on their mattress… but what does that mean? Companies can easily lie about their product and still make a quick sale, all off misinofrmation!

Why Sure2Sleep Chooses CertiPUR-US Certified Foam:

At Sure2Sleep, we’re committed in providing you with a comfortable sleep experience that has your health and well-being in mind. Here’s why we exclusively rely on CertiPUR-US certified foam in our mattresses:


  • Third Party Certification: Some companies rely on in house testing their products… but that’s not very ethical. Having an outside organization to test products ensures there is are non-biased results. By utilizing CertiPUR-US certified foam, Sure2Sleep can confidently offer mattresses that follow strict stringent safety standards, providing our customers with peace of mind.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability is ingrained in our ethos. By selecting CertiPUR-US certified foam, we’re mitigating our ecological impact and fostering a healthier planet for generations to come.
  • Quality and Comfort: We recognize that superior sleep starts with premium materials. CertiPUR-US certified foam not only ensures the safety and environmental sustainability of our mattresses but also guarantees unparalleled comfort and support for years to come.


When looking for a new mattress, CertiPUR-US certification emerges as a critical factor warranting attention. Whether considering a budget-friendly choice or investing in a premium mattress, prioritizing health, comfort, and the environment remains paramount. At Sure2Sleep, we remain committed to crafting mattresses with meticulous care and responsibility, featuring CertiPUR-US certified foam for your peace of mind. Rest assured, knowing that your mattress is devoid of harmful chemicals and crafted with your well-being in focus.


Do Sure2Sleep mattresses have fiberglass?

No, Sure2Sleep mattresses do not contain fiberglass.

Is there fiberglass in foam?

Typically, foam does not contain fiberglass. However, fiberglass may be used in a barrier surrounding foam, such as a fire sock. Sure2Sleep Monterey mattresses guarantee fiberglass-free foam.

Where are Sure2Sleep mattresses made?

Sure2Sleep mattresses are made in USA

Are Sure2Sleep products CertipUR-US certified?

Yes. 100% of Sure2Sleep’s line is CertiPUR-US certified.

Is Sure2Sleep OEKO-TEX Certified?

Yes. Sure2Sleep is OEKO-TEX certified.