Comfort, Support, Value

Amazing Sleep,
100-Night No Risk TrialFree Shipping.

Comfort, Support, Value

Amazing Sleep, 100-Night No Risk Trial
Free Shipping.

Everything You Need For Comfort And Support


Luxurious Soft Cover

Stylishly designed our breathable mattress cover wicks away moisture for the most comfortable nights sleep possible.


Gel Infused
Memory Foam

High density Gel infused memory foam keeps your bed cool and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep. It adjusts to your shape and sleeping position while reducing motion transfer and eliminating uncomfortable pressure points.


Support Layer

The Sure2Sleep® support layer cradles your body for a perfect night’s sleep. The support layer conforms to your body’s natural curvature and ensuring your comfort.


Firm Side
Edge Support

Unlike conventional foam mattresses that give way on the edges, the Sure2Sleep® mattress is designed and built with firm side edge support. This means the entire surface area of your mattress is supportive and comfortable.


The Foundation

The Sure2Sleep® mattress is built upon a solid foundation of premium high density foam engineered to provide your mattress with structure and stability. This premium foundation layer allows your mattress to be used with a variety of bed frames.

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Reviews From
Rested Owners

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Reviews From Rested Owners

“Cool and Comfy.
I no longer wake
up in the middle
of the night.”

- Terri M.

Reviews From Rested Owners

“The most
mattress I’ve
ever owned.”

- Urvika G.

“Better than my
previous $2k

- Joanne S.

Reviews From Rested Owners

“I was 6½ months pregnant when we
got this mattress.
It was a lifesaver
for me.”

- Kristen A.

Reviews From Rested Owners
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ECO Friendly

We use CertiPUR-US®
certified foams and a
water-based bonding solution.
We do not use chemical
fire retardants.


Sure2Sleep® is proud
to support LifeBUILDERS Detroit
in their rebuilding of the
Regent Park neighborhood.

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